The Hi-Rise Apartments in Manhattan for Rent you Dream About

Nowadays skyscrapers can be found all over the world. Some are built only for office purposes, while others are build for accommodation purposes. Not everyone could, but somehow all dream of living in skyscraper. If you ever have dreamed of something like this, your dreams might come true.

Hi-Rise Apartments in Manhattan

Here in this content we will overview three famous residential apartments in Manhattan, which you can get it under rent. So what if you cannot afford to buy an apartment in a skyscraper? You certainly can rent it as per your requirements.


1) One57


Located in between sixth and seventh avenue in Midtown West, one of these luxurious apartment can be yours. If you have dreamt of living in a skyscraper with one of the best view, you can have this one. Apartments in One57 are completely off charts. With fully furnished residential apartments, it is one of the widely preferred locations for most of the hi-rise lovers. This 90-storied building adds to the iconic Manhattan skyline. So if you are looking for an apartment from where the whole world seems small to you, you can opt for an apartment here in One57.


2) Mandarin Oriental


Yet another building with some of the finest works. The fascinating design both in the inside amd out make people fall in love with this multi-story building. With the height of 750ft you can have a rental apartment in this building without any effort. Situated in 80 Columbus Circle, Central Park, you can have access to any part of the city from here. This is a premier place for leading a luxurious lifestyle.


3) 15 Central Park West


This residential apartment lies in between 61st street and 62nd street. With it’s associate tower, this building stands firm to all the other skyscrapers in the city. Well you can have a one bedroom apartment to a four bedroom apartment as per your needs. Think about the view which you can experience when you get up in the morning. The interiors of the residential apartment adds on the beauty which is enough to achieve a great satisfaction within you.


All the above three apartments was for your educational purposes.  If you want to explore some other residential apartments at some other locations you can log onto for further references.


4) Architect Bjarke Ingels G


Bjarke Ingels G is considered one of the finest architects in the world. He is behind designing many of the luxurious residential apartments in Manhattan. At the age of 41, this Danish architect has reached to the heights, which hardly many could possibly make it to the top.  Bjarke has even won so many awards for his world famous building designs.

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