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Manhattan –

Manhattan, NYC is the most densely populated are in the United States. It is one of the boughs that make up NYC as a whole.  Manhattan is just over 33 square miles and has a population of  over 72,000 people per square mile!  This is the busiest area in the whole US. It is know as a cultural and financial district of the country.

Chelsea –

This west side neighborhood has a great deal of NYC history within itself.  There is even a section of it known as a historic district and is preserved by the city. There is a very diverse population that lives in the neighborhood and is currently known for having the most nightlife in Manhattan.

NoMad –

This is an area that gets its’ name from being just North of Madison Square Park (a famous public NYC park). This neighborhood is the center of Manhattan Island and is home to the New York Life buildings as well as may luxury condo buildings.  

Luxury apartments –

A luxury apartment is so much more than just a regular NYC apartment.  To make it luxury the building needs to offer not only high-end finishes to each residences, but also provide a range of amenities.  Luxury apartment buildings offer things such as shuttle service, 24-hour concierge services, dog-park, health clubs, on-site parking, a young, rooftop deck, event space and much more.  There aren’t too many buildings that will offer all of these things, but a luxury apartment will offer several of these things in a addition to others that remain unmentioned.

Ultra luxury apartments  –

More than living in a luxury apartment, an ultra luxury apartment could be compared to living in a 5-star hotel.  This is the type of residences that has very hands-on services and amenities for each resident to take advantage of.  This could be like private spa facilities, personal drivers and dog walkers.  Ultra luxury apartments future services that personally serve the residents each day. 

Studio apartments –

When doing your apartment search you will find apartments identified as studio apartments.  What does that mean, a studio?  Well, a studio is basically a one-room home.  The living room and bedroom at essentially the same space.  There is no devision or door separating it into two different rooms.  In s studio apart you will have a kitchen and bathroom to yourself, just like you would any other apartment, but it’s a more compact/multifunctional living space.  Studios are the smallest type of apartments that are generally under 900 square feet.