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2017.09.06, Wednesday
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2016.06.12, Sunday
Dumbo Apartments for Sale

4 Dumbo Apartments for Sale You will Love.

Dumbo Apartments for Sale

Dumbo area is full of interesting public places.


Dumbo apartments now are high in demands because it does not only offer beautiful interior design but also mostly they have an incredible view. Dumbo apartment will be very suitable for you who are living with your partner or your small family.

Now you can find the rental Brooklyn residential apartments with affordable prices. There are even dumbo apartments for sale that are pocket-friendly for the customers. The dumbo apartment in Brooklyn will make you easier to go to many public centers like Brooklyn Historical Society, New York Transit Museum or St. Ann’s Warehouse.

Actually you can find a cool list of upcoming events in Dumbo from the website Dumbo.Is here . If you are now convinced Dumbo is the right place for buying an apartment i selected for you some nice opportunities around the area. Here we go:

1-60 Water Street #511

This model is offered in $3,582 with 569 square feet. This model is designed in modern gray tone and has one bath inside.

2-60 Water Street #312

With higher price than above model, it also has a wider area of 1,053 square feet dumbo apartment. it costs $5,635 for rent and includes 1 bed and two baths.

3-100 Jay Street #22

This dumbo apartment is rented for $5,600 and includes 2 beds and 1 bath. The apartment area has 1,270 of width.

These three dumbo apartments are dominated in gray and designed in modern minimalist. They have the living rooms that face the window so you can get appropriate sunlight exposure. Furthermore all if they are wide-windowed, wooden floors, and have soft gray walls.

There are also dumbo apartments for rental you can search from the Two Trees website. One of them is the Suite #612.

4-Suite #612

This dumbo apartment model has 2 bedrooms and 1 bath which are included in 842 square feet apartment. with the price only for $5,379, this dumbo apartment is quite affordable. It is because nowadays you can find another apartment with almost the same facilities but higher prices. You can get more information here:

These four apartments are best recommended if you want a dumbo Brooklyn apartment without financially burdening. All you need to do then is fitting the design with your taste and apply for them.

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